All good things come in threes! Why we love threesomes

Aller guten Dinge sind Drei! Warum wir Dreier lieben

All good things come in threes! Why we love threesomes

“You’re so hot, come eat me up
Pure sin, I'm with you
You can understand my longing now
Watching you make love

I'll count to three and take you with me
Come on, let's do Li-iiii-love as a threesome
One, two, three I'll take you with me
Because the three of us love each other

Four hands drive me crazy
Because the three of us love each other”

All good things come in threes

It's on the bucket list of most Germans: The threesome! And the fascination of sex with more than one person is great. Many couples are explicitly looking for a third person, sometimes for one night or even for more!

Let's take a look at why people like to have threesomes:

  1. Variation and Curiosity: People can have a natural curiosity about different sexual experiences. Adding a third person can be a way to break up the sexual routine and have new, exciting experiences. But you can still rely on the intimacy and experiences that you already have with a partner if you bring someone in.

  2. Fantasy and eroticism: Many people have fantasies that involve threesome sex. Acting out fantasies can be experienced as exciting and pleasurable. And we love free love full of sizzling eroticism!

  3. Trust and Communication: For some couples, exploring group sex can be a way to increase trust and deepen communication. It often requires open and honest conversations about needs, boundaries and expectations.

  4. Variety and diversity: Sexual variety and diversity can be perceived as exciting. Adding a third person can be a way to explore new sexual techniques or dynamics.

  5. Self-discovery: Some people see threesome sex as an opportunity for self-discovery and exploring their own sexual identity.

  6. Different needs: Sometimes one person alone cannot fulfill all dreams. With a second, third or fourth person, the possibilities are endless. With greater diversity, you can also find someone who passionately wants to do what you fantasize about and everyone has even more fun doing it together!

Then all that remains is:

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