1. What is actually inside?
The massage oil contains coconut-based MCT oil and ginger extract from around 150g of fresh ginger.

The spray consists of water, ginger extract from about 150g organic ginger, organic birchtree sugar, organic xanthan gum and a blackberry leaf extract for sweetening. The spray is suitable for use with food.  You can also spray it into a drink, on to fruits or other food to flavor and spice things up.

2. What is the best way to proceed? Generally slowly and carefully. Let the ginger work and pay attention to all your senses. Touch yourself, but not in the eyes.

3. How do I use the massage oil ? The massage oil is only intended for external use. Start with the pure ginger massage oil on a small area of ​​skin (neck or back) and slowly apply more. The massage oil should not be combined with sex toys.

4. How do I use the spray? The intimate spray is more liquid than the massage oil. Since it is a food, it is best to start with a spray in the mouth. Many kiss first or use it for oral sex. If you're going to use it on your genitals, just do one spray at first. You can always dose higher. Start slowly during sex and wait to see if both like it or if it gets too warm and intense. Some like to take it as a prelude to the second round. The spray can be combined with sex toys and condoms.

5. What to do if burns on my skin? If it gets too intense, use coconut oil with a cotton ball to neutralize.

6. Can I combine the massage oil and spray with sex toys or condoms? The massage oil should not be combined with sex toys or condoms. The spray, on the other hand, can be combined with sex toys and condoms.

7. How long do the products last? Unopened, the massage oil and spray have a shelf life of one year. Look at the MHD on the outer packaging. Once opened, you should store the bottles in a cool place (e.g. in the fridge) and use them up within the following week.

8. Who is behind it? We are a young team with the mission of wanting to live more naturally. Especially through products with natural and pleasure-enhancing ingredients.

All products were developed by a pharmacist and mixed and bottled by certified partners in Germany.