The Ginger Effect


Hey you sexy thing.


Yes exactly you! As you read this, it becomes clear: you are hot. Hot to climb the orgasm Olympus! With us in your luggage you can get on the pleasure roller coaster. As the name suggests, our products are wonderfully naughty. And all natural, without chemicals. Whether in the box, on the kitchen cupboard, on the sofa, in the car or in the SM basement - our products turn blazing lust into an inferno. With us you have the opportunity to hold the first Natural Sexual Bio-Hacking series based on ginger in your hands. The rest of your body will surely get to know them soon, too. However, if you would like to learn more about the background and application in advance, then just read on!



A little Figg story.


Figging is a trend from the BDSM scene to intensify the feeling of pleasure. For this, a piece of freshly carved ginger is inserted into the anus and rectum of the bottom. Alternatively, the piece can also be rubbed on the labia of the vagina or on the glans of the penis. What sounds unusual is above all unusually awesome. Because the ginger hurts and warms at the same time. Its pungent substances stimulate the receptors in the mucous membrane, which makes us noticeably hot in the corresponding parts of the body. A natural body reaction with which our organism tries to counteract the pain with the help of heat. In the end, this stimulates us so much that the orgasm is not long in coming! By the way: After 15 minutes, you can usually no longer feel anything. The only thing that remains is the wonderfully relaxed feeling after the orgasm. To make the practice of figging accessible to everyone, we worked with pharmacists, BDSM and Trantra experts to develop Naturally Naughty.


What the Hell is Sexual Bio-Hacking?


For you, using our products is pure pleasure. For bio-hackers, it's smart sentiment tweaking. Doesn't sound that sexy, but it's awesome. Because bio-hackers deal systemically with the body and its biological processes. Like a computer hacker, they optimize our performance and sensations. With the power of natural substances such as ginger, this can be done easily and naturally. The biohacking movement has been around in the United States since 2005. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is also enthusiastic about it. Even if the term sounds incredibly fancy, the idea behind it is not new. Because in Ayurveda and the Kama Sutra, the use of ginger has been a natural sexual enhancer for centuries. So, what are you waiting for? Bio-hack yourself into ecstasy, baby!



sex, drugs and gingerol!

Ginger is considered a medicinal drug. The term "Zingiberis rhizoma" is also often used here. You don't need to remember this complicated name. We're glad if you even remember your name with Naturally Naughty in and on your body. After all, in ecstasy you can forget everything around you. But what might be exciting for you is that ginger was voted medicinal plant of the year 2018 as a medicinal drug - because it has been used in numerous cultures for "sexual healing" for many centuries. The rhizome - the rootstock of the ginger plant - contains 1.5 - 3 percent essential oils that are useful in "sexual healing". They are called zingiberene, curcumene and beta-eudesmol, among others. In addition, the rhizome contains long-chain pungent substances such as gingerol and shogaol, which really heat us up.



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