Jingle bells, jingle bells...

Jingle bells, jingle bells...

Christmas is coming soon! And of course this also includes Christmas markets. We started the holiday season with the Qweer Xmas Market Berlin! We'll tell you here what it was like for us, what was there and how we liked it.

What is the Qweer Xmas Market?

The Qweer Markets are organized by Lustyice ( lustyice.com/events naughtymarkets , we have already been to the spring and summer markets! This is where queer local companies, artists and performers come together and exhibit. The Queer Xmas Market was from November 25th to 26th in the Arena Market Berlin. With over 150 stands and food trucks, it was a colorful festival this time too. A special highlight: daily live performances by queer artists who rocked the stage. There were drag queens , Kings and live singing while enjoying delicious mulled wine and waffles. This colorful hall was the perfect start to December for us. The event was also open to families and dogs, which created a unique family atmosphere.

And what did we do at the Queer Xmas Market?

This time we have joined forces to form a colorful collective! With handmade whips and dildos from Weppy, our ginger spay and massage oil and the colorful toys from ivy.toys, we were right at the entrance to the market. For two days we danced next to the Christmas tree and gave hot kisses with our mistletoe!

What's available at the Qweer Xmas Market?
Of course, not only the mulled wine is delicious, but also the dealers who exhibit here: From artists who draw queer motifs, to photographers, handmade soaps, home-baked, printed, painted, knitted and pottery, there were endless great local artists: to admire inside!

A special highlight for us?

Sexy coloring books!

The coloring books from D ickobraz , with topics such as “Penises”, “Kama Sutra”, “BDSM” and “Vagina”, offer the perfect opportunity for adults to find fun and peace while coloring. There are also crocheted soft toys in the shape of genitals!

Emotional drawings

The artist kaethebutcher with her soulful, atmospheric art with great prints, cards and shirts with queer and philosophical motifs.

Upcycled leather creations

At Viktoria from horriblydevoted you will find handmade collars, belts and harnesses made from upcycled leather. With lots of color and texture, she creates unusual pieces of jewelry that are inspired by the colorful and weird music of the 80s.

Things get really colorful and trendy at sonialazo : They come from Al Salvador and draw bright and self-deprecating figures. These are also available to buy as hats, scarves, T-shirts and bags.

At badass.prints you will find exactly that: cool and direct motifs on shirts, briefs, postcards and more. With sayings like “Sex toys don’t break your hearts” and “Berlin Traum(a),” they create feminist fashion with a 90s touch.

We know angeltoys.eu already from the Passion in Hamburg and we were happy to see a few familiar faces again. Here you will find handmade collars, shackles and whips. But also kinky pendants or accessories.

Rorymidhani not only created the design of the Queer Xmas Market, but also makes beautiful inclusive art. His drawings are trendy, funny and spacey. We love the kinky touches of his art.

Our conclusion?

The combination of mulled wine, ginger, tentacles and whips was great for us and we had incredibly great interactions with customers of all kinds. We love the market especially for the audience (and the mulled wine), which sweetened and warmed up the cold hours for us . And we're really looking forward to the next event where we can have fun with you again!

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