“Intense pulsation” – a report from Nadine Primo

„Intensives Pulsieren“ – ein Erfahrungsbericht von Nadine Primo

Nadine Primo is a well-known LGBTQ+ blogger and author of the book “Consensus is Sexy”. She deals a lot with life as a bi-sexual woman, alternative relationship concepts and the injustice of modern patriarchy.

But today it's about the beautiful things in life, Nadine also likes to deal with those and so we don't want to withhold her experience report from you. She tested our massage oil and the ginger spray.

Natural ingredients

“Something I personally particularly like: I can count the ingredients on one hand. No complex chemicals or unnecessary additives. The ginger spray contains natural ginger extract, water, gum arabic as a stabilizer and sweet blackberry leaf extract. That was it.

The ginger plant is very diverse and, thanks to the pungent substances, is ideal for (not only) sharpening the senses. It stimulates blood circulation and has an aphrodisiac effect. A splash into the mouth stimulates salivation and tastes like ginger tastes. Of course,” writes Nadine Primo on her blog.

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Exciting spiciness!

“I got the chance to test the ginger spray and massage oil. The ginger spray can be sprayed onto the skin or mucous membranes, in the mouth or genital area and has a circulation-promoting effect. If one thing is clear, it's that blood circulation promotes pleasure.

An intense pulsation that makes every touch seem extremely intense. The ginger spray sharpens the senses (in the truest sense of the word!) and creates an exciting pain that creates an increased sense of pleasure and a special tingling sensation. A slight burning sensation that I found extremely pleasant and which even provides an extra kick when masturbating. The taste of the spray is not too overpowering and disappears quickly, but you still have to like the taste of ginger. If you don't like eating it, the spray won't necessarily be a tasty treat for you."

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Sharp touches!

The massage oil has a warming effect and stimulates blood circulation. The oil is therefore ideal for an intimate massage or intimate pampering of the erogenous zones. It has a silky consistency that is quickly absorbed and thanks to the applicator, you can apply the spicy drops specifically to the erogenous zones - and lick the whole thing off if necessary. An aphrodisiac for the mucous membranes. For me, the products are definitely a discovery because I like this pleasant tingling sensation that turns into an exciting burning sensation and (not only) makes my vulva lips swell.

You can find the whole article on Nadine Primo's blog .

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