Classic film with love triangles

Filmklassiker mit Dreiecksbeziehungen

After we last talked about where the fascination with threesomes comes from, you wrote to us that you're seeing them everywhere now. When we thought about it, we realized: you're right! These classic films would have been less dramatic but much more spicy with a hot threesome!

A threesome in Casablanca?

1. Casablanca

"Look into my eyes, Small"

According to my grandma, the best romantic film of all time. Plot: During World War II, Rick's Café Américain in Casablanca is a meeting place for Europeans fleeing to America. Rick Blaine, the owner, meets his former lover Ilsa Lund here, but a revival of their romance seems hopeless because she is in Casablanca with the famous resistance fighter Victor Laszlo. The two are followed by Major Strasser who wants to arrest them. Blain helps the two escape, and the film ends with the words "Louis, I believe this is the beginning of a wonderful friendship."

Is this the beginning of a hot ménage-à-trois?

Like a single day

2. Like a single day

Before Ryan Goesling was Ken, he starred in this moving 2004 tearjerker. We begin in a retirement home where a husband is reading to his wife from her diary. It tells the love story of Allie and Noah over decades. The two meet one summer: he is the country boy with the abs of steel, she is the rich city girl with parental responsibilities. Despite social obstacles and wartime separation, they find each other. Years later, when Allie is about to get married, she visits Noah again, which rekindles old feelings. Allie ultimately chooses Noah, but her love is tested by her Alzheimer's disease. Noah, reading to Allie in the present as Duke, ends up revealing his true identity and their deep, unforgettable love.

Instead of calling off the wedding, they could have simply had an open marriage, good for the tax bracket and the fun!

The dreamer

3. The Dreamers

Almost like in lockdown
In “The Dreamers”, the twins Isabelle and Théo take the American exchange student Matthew home from the cinema. The two form a strange shared apartment in the apartment of Isabelle and Théo's parents, who typically go on a long vacation. Since the cinema is closed due to the student riots in 1968 and Netflix was not an option at the time, the three have no choice but to find another way to pass the time. In addition to tenderness, politics and film knowledge, there is also a touch of BDSM shame play and punishments and also incest.

Water for the elephants

4. Water for the elephants

Not the only Robert Pattinson film you can think of when it comes to a love triangle, Twilight could easily have found a place here too. I think every poly person can relate to the scene between Bella, Edward and Jacob in the cinema. But if we can bring in a film about a married couple and a stable boy with a big trunk, then of course we'll do it.

This film is also told from a flashback: In the 1930s, 23-year-old Jacob, the son of Polish immigrants, finds out about the death of his parents and their debts during his exam to become a veterinarian. To escape from his lack of prospects, he jumps on a circus train run by the “Benzini Brothers” and becomes friends with the Polish circus helper Camel. Thanks to his knowledge of veterinary medicine, he gets a job as a circus veterinarian for the despotic circus director August. Jacob discovers the secret of the elephant Rosie and becomes her trainer and thus a star tamer. But not only Rosie succumbs to his charm, but also Augustus' wife Marlena, who is, appropriately, an artistic rider. The affair between Jacob and Marlena is passionate, but August is violent and the circus is on the verge of bankruptcy. Jacob is released and flees with Marlena, but is attacked by August's men and she is kidnapped. Jacob returns to save Marlena and Rosie kills August. Jacob and Marlena get married- peace, joy, elephant shit. Imagine this film with wild circus-style kink parties, only then would it be more beautiful.

Vicky Christina Barcelona

5. Vicky Christina Barcelona

Before Scarlett Johansson fought aliens and villains in spandex, she was deeply in love: in Barcelona and with the same man as her best friend.

Vicky and Cristina from the USA are spending the summer in Barcelona. The friends, Vicky and Cristina, differ in their views on love: Vicky is engaged and focused, while Cristina is looking for adventure. They are accommodated by Vicky's relatives in Barcelona. There they meet the painter Juan Antonio, who invites them to a weekend in Oviedo. Cristina agrees and Vicky accompanies her. While Cristina and Juan begin an affair, Vicky and Juan also fall in love. After the weekend they return to Barcelona.

Juan and Cristina start a relationship and move in together, Vicky marries her fiancé but Juan gives in. After Juan's ex-wife Maria Elena tries to kill herself, she moves in with Cristina and Juan. A three-way relationship arises between everyone involved. Cristina separates from both of them and Juan and María Elena end up in a turbulent relationship. Vicky meets Juan again and things take a dramatic turn.

What are your favorite love triangle movies? And which ones were you missing from the list? Of course, all of these movies would be even hotter with Naturally Naughty!

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