Valentine's Day? But please Naughty!

Valentines Day? Aber bitte Naughty!

An evening together, a box full of possibilities and endless hot thoughts - but without artificial additives. We offer you the perfect starter set for a wonderful time together and the sensual contents of our box. It doesn't matter whether you want to approach the subject of sexual wellness and kink or whether you need new ideas for your session: together with selected partners we offer you a box with high-quality and natural products for an extraordinary Valentine's Day . Because we want sex instead of chocolates!

Let's get spicy with Naturally Naughty's Ginger Spray!

Every beginning is hot! With the Naturally Naughty Ginger Spray you can get everything hot and spicy with just a few squirts! Start with your food or a glass of sparkling wine, because the spray is food-grade and is great on sushi, Asian food, in cocktails or directly on the lips!

Our Ginger Spray is also great on lips, nipples, fingers and of course the genitals! The spray warms up the skin, stimulates the mucous membranes and thus the production of moisture. So when trying it out, it gets hot, warm, tingly and sensitive! The perfect start to your evening! The spray is also perfect for all your favorite toys!

bondage games

In second place on the German sex bucket list are bondage games! For this we have the perfect start with the premium jute rope from VÆGABØUND«. You don't have to be a knot expert for this, if you double the rope and wrap it around your body, you can move and guide your partner in a completely different way. Of course you can also catch the whole body with a rope. If you don't dare to knot yet, you can simply hold the rope in your hand and create a fixation. Just make sure that you don't pinch any tendons, nerves or veins and have something ready to cut the rope if necessary.

Romantic candlelight

Who doesn't know them, the romantic candle for Valentine's Day. But instead of just letting them burn on the table, you can try wax play with Cupid's low temperature candles. The naked skin is sprinkled with the hot wax from the candle. It's all about staying out of the heat and taking the interplay of heat and cold to new heights! The wax is also a beautiful decoration on the body of the loved one.

highlight with wood

The wooden dildo from Weppy is supple in the hand thanks to its special surface. The polished wood absorbs the warmth of the body and transmits vibrations. The elegant shape brings you to the climax in a natural way. Our Natrually Naughty Ginger Spray is also great on the dildo!

Aftercare or warm up?

Naturally Naughty's warming massage oil is the perfect way to end or start your time together. The coconut-based MCT oil it contains is wonderfully skin-caring and allows for a smooth, long-lasting massage. The contained ginger stimulates blood circulation and warms the skin. This helps with muscle relaxation and warms the whole body. But be careful: it can get hot on the mucous membranes! But the oil is all natural and safe to consume. Warm skin is more sensitive, so you can also use the oil to warm up before spanking.

Our box offers more than enough possibilities for many hot evenings together, even after Valentine's Day.

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