Ginger as an aphrodisiac – does ginger make you sexy?

Ingwer als Aphrodisiakum – macht Ingwer sexy?

Ginger? One knows. Ginger shots for health, ginger tea for colds or from Asian cuisine. The brown tuber has not only been trendy for a few years, but has been popular for much longer. But sexy? Maybe not the first association you have. In fact, ginger is one of the foods that are said to have an aphrodisiac effect.

What exactly is an aphrodisiac? Aphrodisiacs are substances that contribute to increasing, reviving or invigorating the libido, sexual desire and sexual pleasure. So it's kind of like a lighter or fuel for sexual pleasure. The word, of course, comes from the Greek goddess Aphrodite, goddess of love and lust. Many aromatic and fragrant plants were already consecrated to her in ancient times, and some were said to have an aphrodisiac effect even back then.

Historical pleasure maker

Ginger has been used as a medicinal plant and spice for thousands of years. It originally comes from China and India, where its presence in culinary and medicinal history has long been documented. Historical writings can be found in both countries that document the taste and effects of ginger, and it was also used as a means of exchange. At that time, ginger was very difficult to find, so the laborious search and harvest was celebrated with ceremonies and festivals.

When ginger came to Europe through Phoenician traders, it also became an integral part of Greek and Roman cuisine. From this point on, it was also popular in Egyptian and Arabic cultures, and the tuber is even mentioned in the Koran.

After spreading in the kitchen, the medicinal ginger is becoming more and more popular. Because ginger has healing and beneficial properties. The tuber has an antibacterial effect, stimulates digestion, blood circulation and metabolism and is rich in vitamins. Ginger quickly became known for one effect: igniting desire!

In many cultures there are still rituals with ginger that are supposed to help with lovemaking. In Senegal, women tie ginger around their waists to attract men, and the spicy smell is considered particularly erotic. In China, ginger is used when trying to have children and is used in meals and drinks. In addition, two discs should be sacrificed on the house altar for a boy.

Even in Europe, the spice came to the man! King Louis XV's mistress, Madame Dubarry, always had her cooks prepare dishes with the tuber to encourage him to perform at his best. According to the book “Poultices, Sage and Tinctures. The herbal knowledge of the peasant doctors in the Alps" (Arnold Achmüller), ginger has always been said to have a lust-enhancing effect in traditional folk medicine. "For example, in a Strasbourg work from 1542, it is described as a remedy that helps older men to become virile ", is it [called.

The Dominican monk Albertus Magnus also mentioned ginger together with horse mint and cumin as a medicine that strengthens the aphrodisiac effect. Records by physicians from the Alps, Turkey and Persia recommend the tuber as a "pick-me-up" for men. It is also worth mentioning: Sheikh Nefzaui, who not only drank ginger before making love, but also rubbed his penis with it to make it bigger and to prevent premature ejaculation. In India, eggs, ginger and honey were mixed together to treat impotence.

What makes ginger an aphrodisiac?

Ginger stimulates blood circulation and expands blood vessels, which you can tell when you take it! The genitals are spongy bodies and are therefore more sensitive and larger with better blood circulation. But ginger also triggers an inner warmth through the gingerol it contains, which feels pleasant and beautiful for many people. Putting these effects in the right scenario, it's understandable why ginger is considered an aphrodisiac. Consuming the aromatic tuber consciously in preparation and with the thought of eroticism affects mind and body.

Despite numerous scientifically proven positive effects, it has not been formally proven that ginger root is libido-enhancing. But what has been considered a secret remedy against listlessness for thousands of years will be correct. Our customers confirm this in the reviews of our Ginger Massage Oil and Ginger Spray .

Did you know that the technical term for using ginger spiciness on the privates is figging? You can find out everything about the topic in the article “What exactly is figging?” .

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