Skin to skin - anti-aging through orgasms

Haut an Haut – Anti-Aging durch Orgasmen

Humans have five senses; Seeing, tasting, hearing, smelling and touching. All these also enrich our sex life. The skin works the most here, because with it we feel our surroundings and of course also our counterpart. What exactly does sex do to our skin? And why do we so often underestimate our largest organ?

What exactly is skin?

Our skin (derma) is our protective cover against environmental influences such as heat, cold, moisture, wind, dust, dirt, dehydration, UV radiation, harmful substances, germs and much more. It encloses us from the inside out and is a barrier. Our nerves, tendons and muscles run under the skin.
The skin has a major impact on our well-being. This is where expressions like “having thin skin” or “not feeling comfortable in our own skin” come from. Sometimes you don't want to "get in your shoes" or even "drive out of your skin".
So skin plays a pretty big role. It is also often the first level on which we feel something. All of our erogenous zones are also on the skin. So we should take good care of them. The close relationship between the brain and the skin explains the increase and deterioration in skin diseases when there is increased emotional stress and excessive demands.

skin and eroticism

Skin on skin, that's how intimacy often happens. No matter whether you kiss, masturbate or exchange other touches. Goosebumps are a sign of excitement, and we get a shiver that makes the skin even more sensitive. If we feel uncomfortable in our skin or if it is injured by neurodermatitis or psoriasis, this also affects our arousal.

The smell of the skin, the taste and the friction, all these sensations intensify the erotic exchange. Many women state that the tender touch is more stimulating for them than the actual sex. Sometimes it is also referred to as the “after sex glow” because the skin often glows after an orgasm!

Better skin through orgasms

Scottish scientist Dr. David Weeks found that orgasm keeps skin young. Three orgasms a week can significantly improve the complexion. Attention, this is about the physical orgasm, not about the rumor that semen helps against wrinkles. So why is that?

Sex makes you beautiful - this is mainly due to these three hormones: serotonin, nitric oxide and oxytocin. These are transported with the blood through the excited body. An orgasm triggers serotonin! Because it stimulates the cardiovascular system and also our mood. Serotonin makes us calm, content and happy. However, a strong boost of serotonin can also lead to itching! But by relaxing after the act, the relaxation of tense skin can also have a positive effect.

Sexual arousal causes the mucous membranes and cavernous bodies in the body to swell, which means the blood circulation is increased and the sensitivity of the skin is increased. Everything is bigger and swollen, so even small touches feel more intense. This is triggered by nitric oxide, which expands the blood vessels, so it leads to higher blood flow. Sex naturally raises our blood pressure, but post-orgasm we have low and steady blood pressure for a longer period of time afterwards. This helps oxygen circulate throughout the body. This is particularly helpful for the skin, which is often undersupplied due to a lack of blood circulation.

During sex, however, the “cuddling hormone” oxytocin is also triggered. This has a positive effect on the skin because it stimulates collagen production. So it ensures tight and plump skin. It is also good for the mucous membranes, including the private parts. This effect only lasts for a short time, but that's just one motivation to have more orgasms!

All of these effects come from arousing and climaxing the body! So masturbation is also a source of youth! Pushing out with one or more other people is only higher.

Naturally Naughty - skin care for your sex

The main ingredient of our products is organic ginger! Ginger has been known as a medicinal plant in various cultures for centuries. Ginger is particularly good for the mucous membranes and stimulates blood circulation. The swelling makes the mucous membranes wetter and more sensitive. The whole emotional world is intensified again. So orgasms and ginger are an ideal combination for the skin!

By the way, due to the increased blood circulation, ginger also helps against impure, oily and pimply skin. The pungent substances it contains have an antibacterial effect. Ginger is therefore often included in natural cosmetics. Bacterial and viral infections of the epidermis - the top layer of skin - can be regulated, disinfected and accelerated healing with ginger cosmetics. Ginger is also rich in vitamin C and contains magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, sodium and phosphorus. That's why we speak of "Sexual Healing".

But the coconut-based MCT oil used in Ginger Massage Oil is also great for the skin. It is also slippery and the ginger makes you even more sensitive. The MCT oil cares for the skin, makes it softer and helps against clogged pores. It is also allergy-friendly and helps with scaly skin. Just like ginger, MCT oil is antibacterial and promotes the healing process. It also increases levels of collagen, a substance that plays an important role in wound healing. Naturally Naughty products are the ideal supplement for your special kind of skin care!

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