Spicy with ginger 😏 Aphrodisiac with food

Scharf durch Ingwer 😏 Aphrodisieren mit Lebensmitteln

"Love goes through the stomach" - the saying is often heard. While great cooking skills add value to a date, food can also really turn you on! Because there are some foods that work as natural aphrodisiacs!

What exactly are aphrodisiacs? They are a means of increasing personal arousal. This means the ingredients are capable of getting you going. Some substances or foods are said to have an invigorating effect that increases libido. The term comes from Greek antiquity (where else does it come from) and goes back to the goddess Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty and sensual desire. Color, ingredients, taste, hormones contained or even the act of eating can be erotic on the human body. One of our favorite aphrodisiac foods is of course: ginger!

All natural

Unlike a synthetic sexual enhancer like Viagra, ginger does not require a prescription or is expensive. It naturally increases arousal and moisture. That's exactly why we developed our Ginger Spray , spraying it on makes you moist, it gets warm and you get a tingling sensation. But our spray also cuts a fine figure in food - because it consists of natural, food-grade ingredients.

Miracle Ginger

Ginger not only tastes and smells good, the essential oils it contains promote blood circulation, the sharpness promotes salivation and the slight burning sensation makes you want to eat it. The hot tuber also contains the valuable micronutrients vitamin C, magnesium, iron and calcium. Things that are important for your nervous system.

Ready to try?

Would you like to test how hot ginger can make you? How about an aphrodisiac cocktail after work!


Mix the lime juice, gin and simple syrup well in a shaker. The whole thing comes in a highball glass with crushed ice. Add 5-8 sprays of our Ginger Spray and top up with the tonic. A cool drink is ready to heat you up.

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