Naughty & Nature - This is how love works in nature

Naughty & Nature – So geht Liebe in der Natur

Spring has arrived in Germany! Finally sun, flowers and being outside again - the spring feelings are blooming. Why is that like that? Sunbeams release serotonin through heat, vitamin D, and light. This is particularly noticeable in the summer because the sun only visits us briefly in Germany in the winter.

The beginning of spring ensures well-being and euphoria. And what do we want when we feel happy? That's right - sex! When the weather is slowly getting better and people are drawn back to the lake, the park or the balcony, why not have a lot of fun outside?

Why it's always more fun outside.

Having sex outdoors is one of the most common erotic fantasies. A bit exciting, raw and forbidden: the perfect hot cocktail for a sexy experience. Being able to get caught doing this gimmick so quickly increases excitement and heart rate.

We know: the better the blood circulation, the more intense the sensations. Every cracking branch, every wrong sound causes a shiver. Exactly this feeling is what so many people find hot.

Also, having sex outdoors often means getting down to business quickly, lifting skirts and dropping pants halfway, but just because it's quick doesn't mean passion is left behind.

The most beautiful places for the most beautiful thing in the world.

If you've ever thought about where you can enjoy yourself and the sun, here are our favorite places for hustle and bustle!

On the balcony, because outside is not that far away from your own four walls.

At the lake, the little vacation from city life!

After the barbecue, the meadow is a particularly beautiful place.

On the beach, with the sound of the sea in the background and the salty air. Pure romance.

In the car, because sometimes you feel like you are already on your way home.

In the field, a bed in the cornfield? More than just a song for you!

At the campsite, glamping is trendy and trends are sexy!

In the forest, whether in a raised hide or in a clearing, surrounded by trees, you are protected and at the same time outside!

Or wherever else you feel like it! There are countless places to make love! Which one did you find?

Outdoor Sex: Yes, Please!

Once the where is set, the most exciting part is already planned. But what should you have with you so that your lovemaking is not only hot but also beautiful?

  • Blanket, towel or jacket
    Unfortunately, it's often not as comfortable outside as in your bed or couch at home. On the beach or at the lake, you'll be grateful if the hard floor is padded a little. Whether it's the picnic blanket, the beach towel or the jacket, your knees, back and bottom will be grateful for a little protection afterwards!
  • Mosquito spray and tick spray
    Attention beast! While we are spared from many plagues in Germany, the local fauna has a lot of insects to offer. On a trip abroad, the choice becomes even greater. There are sprays available from retailers to repel ticks and mosquitoes. But it's also worth checking your body after a round of outdoor fun.
  • The right outfit
    Luckily, “Easy Access” is a fashion item in summer. Short skirts, summer dresses, light shirts, wide pants. Sandals or light shoes are quickly put on. Not entirely unimportant when playing with the risk of being discovered. So: on beautiful trips, light clothing allows for easy play!
  • Make dirty fun clean again
    Sex can be dirty! But afterwards we would like to be clean again. Handkerchiefs are actually part of the basic equipment of an excursion, wet wipes or even intimate wipes are even better. Please do not leave any used condoms or wet wipes in nature.

outdoor sex? Oh no?

There is one more thing we need to talk about: in Germany, having sex in public is considered a nuisance to the public. This can be punished with up to twelve months in prison. Usually you get away with a slap on the buttocks, but in other countries the whole thing can have much more drastic consequences. While in Norway and Finland you only get a warning, in Italy and Romania there is a prison sentence of two to seven years. In Muslim countries, the penalties can be even longer.

Naturally Naughty - Of course we are naughty

Our Ginger Heater Set is the perfect pocket size. A spray in the right place can shorten the foreplay and increase the tension even more. How well can the rising heat be hidden on the picnic blanket? The spray also works well on snacks you have brought with you and can slowly migrate from the food, into the mouth and then into the crotch. This hot game takes outdoor sex to the next level.

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