Naughty Cocktails - heat up the evening!

Naughty Cocktails – den Abend einheizen!

Our Ginger Spray is food grade. That means it's designed for human consumption. I tell that to everyone I introduce the product to. Because only natural substances are contained in the 30 ml glass bottle. Ginger, water, birch sugar and sweet blackberry leaf extract. Funnily enough, I only treated myself to the spray once orally. Immediately after the first spray I had tears in my eyes and had to counter with a glass of oat milk. I had sprayed myself unerringly directly onto the suppository. After that, I didn't have any inhibitions about trying the spray vaginally, orally, with toys or in all other variants with my partner:Inside. I just didn't want the spray in my mouth anymore.

Until last week we wanted to go back to a cocktail bar on a double date for the first time. One where the bartenders:Inside wear aprons and call themselves mixologists. Really nice. When packing my handbag, I reach for the black bottle: for a spicy evening.

We arrive at the bar, dim lights, jazz music and a menu full of cool drinks. We all order something different, from a classic Moscow Mule, to a non-alcoholic Daiquiri, a drink with vodka, cassis, orange, cherry, rose and a fancy name, and a drink that was first lit and then doused with pine schnapps. Armed with our drinks, we start the first round of drink tasting.

It's getting hot

We sip our drinks and talk about work. This is my moment: I pull out the bottle. "You know I work for this Start Up Naturally Naughty". "This sex spray?". "Exactly. Apart from the fact that you can not only use it for that, but also for many other things. Are you up for it?“. nod.

I spray generously on the hands shown, test it first. "Oh! Yummy!". The conclusion is good, the faces are slightly red from the spray. I order a round of shots, tequila. "So salt, shot, lick?". So go ahead, toast and salt, shot, lick! The sharp fresh taste of the spray combines well with the bittersweet taste of the tequila. "Really cool, not so hot," says my girlfriend. I nod in agreement. We laugh and now the spray is making the rounds, it is sprayed directly into the mouth and finally onto the other drinks. The Moscow Mule tastes great, thanks to the cool cucumber and the classic vodka. The raspberry daiquiri also goes from sugary sweet to snappy with a few targeted splashes. We laugh, swap straws and think about what else it would go with. "Gin and tonic would be classic.". "I think Hugo I imagine quite well.". "I would like to try a martini.". "I only say ginger beer!".

Let's try everything!

We're going to the next round. Laugh a lot and even our mixologist notices the ginger spray, bravely takes a shot and is enthusiastic. Her recommendation: a Cider and Stormy. Cider, ginger, lime and the spray!

After the drink we pack up laughing. My girlfriend grabs my sleeve, "I'd take the spray off you, I think I'd try the sex version too." Laughing, I push the bottle towards her.

Ginger in the cocktail?

The ginger in cocktails is actually a very classic and beautiful idea. The delicious spiciness brings a subtle touch to particularly sweet cocktails and can therefore already make a noticeable difference. Ginger can also be found in organic quality in supermarkets and weekly markets. The spray saves you from grating and preparing the ginger and you can easily vary the sharpness.

Ginger as an aphrodisiac

Historically, ginger has long been considered an aphrodisiac, from the cooks of King Louis XV to Dominican monks to Persian physicians, ginger was traded as a "hot remedy for cold men". Ginger stimulates the circulation and blood flow with its strong, spicy taste. Ginger ensures that you get pretty hot, and if the situation is additionally fueled by alcohol and mood, you are quickly aroused. While there is no scientific proof of its effectiveness, the use of ginger before sex in many cultures speaks for our favorite miracle bulb.

Here are our favorites of the evening:

Naughty Moscow Mule

Ginger beer, vodka, cucumber and a bit of mint and lime! The Moscow Mule has everything a good drink needs: strong, sweet, fresh and sour - with two or three squirts of Ginger Spray, the drink becomes even stronger and hotter! we love

Naughty Tequila Shots

Bite the lemon? Or just suck on it? Just leave it out and spray the spray on the back of your hand. Salt, Shot, Lick. The spiciness kicks in particularly well after the tequila and the spray balances out the sharp note with the sweetness of the birch sugar.

Naughty Hugo with mint

Hugo with fresh mint, a little lemon juice and two sprays of Ginger Spray. The sweet, sparkling Prosecco plays perfectly with the tart ginger and the freshness of the mint. A light drink perfect for brunch.

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Selbstbefriedigung? Natürlich!

masturbation? Naturally!

Leitfaden: Leder und Lingerie

Leitfaden: Leder und Lingerie

85% der Tester:innen bestätigen: Man kommt besser mit Ingwer!

85% of the testers confirm: You get better with ginger!