This is on the erotic bucket list 2023 of the Germans

Das steht auf der Erotik Bucketlist 2023 der Deutschen

New Year New luck! And above all, the most beautiful thing in the world makes you happy: sex. We have put together for you what Germans want to experience in and outside of their bedroom this year.

What exactly is a bucket list?

A bucket list is a list of things you want to do once in your life. It can be about anything from skydiving, traveling or exciting things in bed. You could also describe it as the ultimate “to do” list.

Slip into a different role.

In 1st place in Germany: role-playing games. A role-playing game can take all sorts of forms, and it's not necessarily about transforming into a completely different person, but also about a change of perspective. It can be erotic to address each other by their last name instead of their first name or to get to know each other again in a bar in order to disappear home together. Also, sexual favors to "pay back" small things can already represent an exciting and erotic role play. But there are no limits to the imagination! Doctor games, delivery men, steward:esses and masseurs are very popular.

May it be a little bit more?

2nd place is: three or more. Almost half of all Germans would like to have sex with more than one person at the same time. Many men have the fantasy of two women and themselves, a so-called FFM and many women want an MMF, i.e. a night with two men. It varies whether you or your partner should be the focus. The desire for threesomes is so great that there are separate platforms only for requests for group constellations.

But watch out: This fantasy most often fails because of jealousy.

By the way, a great pick-up line: Do you actually like it hot?

Tied up

The game with being at the mercy, in 3rd place are the bondage games. It doesn't always have to be about complex bondage or shibari. Often the mind game or the verbal announcement "Keep your hands there" is enough. Bondage games can be brought into the action in a playful way, with scarves or holding on.

Danger! The tying up of body parts can lead to numbness and circulatory disorders, or even to bruises or nerve damage. The tying party should therefore have basic anatomical knowledge in order to avoid these risks. In addition, the tied person must never be left unattended in the room.

Group sex and BDSM

4th and 5th places share group sex and BDSM practices. As with 2nd place, it's all about more! Sex with the partner and other people offers variety with the safe and loved component of the partner. You can find that not only on dating apps, but also in swinger clubs or at sex-positive parties.

BDSM can take place on a wide spectrum, it can also be about the already mentioned bondage games from number 3, but also about power games or pain. It is important to communicate a lot here and to make sure that the practices are carried out correctly and safely.

Figging , which inspired our product, also comes from BDSM.

Get out into nature!

In spring we reported extensively on the best places to have fun outside and what to look out for . Because outdoor sex is a well-deserved sixth place. Whether it's at the beach, in the park or in the water (one of the most common sexual fantasies in America). The main thing is not in bed. Because a change of scenery can make sexual encounters even more exciting. We recommend: Get out into nature!

The kick of the public

After outdoor and sex with other people have already occupied the previous places, place 7 is actually no longer a surprise.

Whether in the car, the changing room or in the outdoor pool. The thrill of being discovered or your own willingness to show off can be pretty sexy! But beware: getting caught can have legal consequences.

A one night stand with strangers

One Night Stand is actually the language of theater and was a one-off performance. Today the term is used for a one-time sexual experience that only lasts one night. To a certain extent it is also almost like a role-playing game, for the time being you can get to know the other person from their best side. An ONS is also the perfect opportunity to live out a secret fantasy that you've been too reticent to explore. And at the end you often have a good story to tell.

Ass Up - Anal

While sexual practices are becoming more normal, anal intercourse is often still associated with a certain secretly dirty thought. So it's no wonder that anal sex is ranked 9th. No matter what gender you are, the anus and stimulation are very popular with everyone. It is often also about the emotions that this more intimate form of intercourse brings with it. Take your time and use the right tools.

Camera off - please smile!

Last but not least: “Amateur porn” is not the fastest growing category of erotic films for nothing. Photo and video recordings during sex are in 10th place. These do not have to end up on one of the usual websites, but can also simply encourage each other to repeat. Who doesn't like playing the leading role in their own film?

Bucket lists are not must-dos.

It's on the Germans' bucket list. What's on your bucket list for 2023?

Remember, just because something is popular doesn't mean it's #1 or #10 for you. Use the year to try it out!

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